About Us

The list of instruments we service and maintain includes but is not limited to:

Flow transmitters – Magnetic, Vortex Shedding, Ultrasonic, Turbine, Open Channel and Differential Pressure type (Orifice, Pitot tube, Annubar, Venturi tube, etc.)

  • Pressure – Transmitters, Switches and Gauges from (-)15hg to 5000 psi.


  • Temperature transmitters – RTD, Thermocouples and Thermometers.


  • Level – transmitters and gauges: Radar, Microwave, Servo, Hydrostatic, Differential


  • Pressure and float & tape.


  • Analytical Measurement – pH, ORP, DO, Chlorine, Conductivity and Turbidity analyzers.


  • Gas Detection – Portable and Fixed Monitoring Systems for Toxic and Combustible gases.


  • Control Elements – DC and AC variable speed drives, Pneumatic and Electric Motor operated valves, Electric Metering Pumps.


  • Process Control and Recording Units – Signal loop controllers, multi-pen and paperless chart-recorders, Data Loggers, PLC (ladder logic based) controllers and switch & relay based control panels.

We use only test and calibration equipment that is nationally (NIST) traceable and all work is done to state and local codes.